tvd for life

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Delena & Nian Forever!!! ♥ OTP.
My other ships are Dalaric & Klaroline :)
I also love the charming originals Elijah & Kol!
Favorite Episode: 4x07 (my OTP's dream epi)

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Once you fall in love with someone. I don’t know if you can ever shake it.

The TVD Cast.
Why does Damon always loose someone?
TVD Characters.

Bromance up top.
Lady love on the bottom.
the boys from The Vampire Diaries..but where is Ian?

TVD Cast During Halloween!
they are a strong couple! i hope Meredith stays with Alaric..even though Alaric is going through some rough patches in life.
do you think they should’ve continued dating? or was it a good decision for Elena to get over Matt and go with Stefan?
how cute! i love this picture.
[behind the scenes]
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they WERE a cute couple, until Delena started happening ;)
anyone else agree with me??
they were cute together, until tyler became apart of caroline’s life.
manly men.