tvd for life

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Delena & Nian Forever!!! ♥ OTP.
My other ships are Dalaric & Klaroline :)
I also love the charming originals Elijah & Kol!
Favorite Episode: 4x07 (my OTP's dream epi)

There are definitely going to be some romance conflicts going on. Will Stefan finally back off from Elena? Find out here —> (x)
Caroline and Stefan…shipped?
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I’ve noticed that mainly all vampire daylight rings have a blue-ish stone…Hmm?

The TVD Cast.

Who would you answer?
TVD Cast Photosets.

Shirtless TVD Men.

The Brotherhood bond that will never break.
TVD Characters.
haha, Look at Elena’s face!
stefan & damon salvatore.
The very first episode of TVD, Stefan falling out of his window, haha.
haha, Stefan.
Which season and epi is this from??